Thursday, August 14

View on History/Family History

My view on History has definitely changed over time.  When I was in fourth grade I remember when we had social studies and our teacher would basically just read out of the textbook. While my teacher read out loud out of the textbook, I would pull out my pencil box and paper and work on my art skills. Now this did cause me to become quite to artist for fourth grade but it caused me to struggle a bit since then because I really don't remember all those things from like The French and Indian War and the Civil War that probably would've helped me on a test or two. But as I got older I started listening more (mostly because my teachers started actually teaching it) and once I got to 7th grade I really started paying attention and getting my head in the game. Over the year, I started loving Social Studies and all the ways my teacher taught it. So, really, my view on history has completely changed.

My family came from a variety of different places.  My Smith side (or my dad's side) came from England- the last name kind of gives it away- but some also came from other places that I don't exactly remember at the moment. My Great Grandpa also believes that we are related to Captain John Smith. My mom's side are Burgess'. The surname Burgess originated from England but I do know that my family is from somewhere else in the world too but I'm not so sure. In the present, we live in Indiana. My mom was born here and my dad was born in Missouri, I believe. So as you can tell, I'm basically English (and I'm a Hoosier).

Friday, May 23

Summer's Almost Here....!

Sawubona!! (That's hello in Zulu.)
Summer is almost here - we actually have only 11 days of school left- and you know what that means...! If you've been paying attention with my blog then you know that I'm starting my own travel blog this summer! I am really excited for this, like really REALLY excited. I am traveling to St. Louis, Florida, and Chicago this summer and honestly, I can't wait to blog while I'm there. As soon as I make the blog (hopefully soon) I'll link it on this blog so you can go see my summer blog. Also, for more information on my new travel blog go check out my page titled, "My Plan..."
Well, this is Katy signing off! Näkemiin! (That's goodbye in Finnish.)

Monday, April 21

Challenge 5 - Tech Trek

So for all you new comers, my name's Katy and I'm just trying to let y'all vision the author, or me in this case. I have straight brown hair - a little longer than shoulder's length -, brown eyes, braces, I'm short, my wrist is really small, and I have long fingers which are good for playing piano and the flute. I'm a dedicated band geek, I will be learning the alto saxophone soon, and I play the flute.
I am an A student, or at least I try as much. I'm a 7th grader in Indiana and you know what that means! I love corn.  Okay, let's get on to my activity.
I decided to make a Word Cloud with using adjectives that my friends and family used to describe me. I'll try to explain every one soon.  Also, I'm making a poll for you to take about yourself because I figured who else knows you better than yourself? So, when you're done reading, take the poll for me! Enjoy!
So as you can see, my friends think I'm a generally good person.  I had my friends do this for obvious reasons; 1) so I didn't think to highly of myself and look selfish and 2) because I don't have to live with myself, I just am myself, if that makes any sense.

Also the pictures below (that I got off of ) symbolize some of the important things in my life. I have a Brittany Spaniel that's about 3 years old named Kiki and the picture symbloizes family. The next one is just a small happiness quote because it's hard to find true happiness in one picture. The next one is a cross which symbolizes my faith in Jesus. I think my faith, my amily, and happiness makes my life fun and amazing. :) Related link -

POLL TIME! Please take the poll to let me learn a little bit about my readers so I can maybe write some posts about something that you enjoy and you'll read - on my own time, of course. SO please take the poll if you want my blog to become more interesting.

Wednesday, April 9

Challenge 4 Part 2

The blog post I will be talking about, relating to, and so forth is titled "Wicked: Because I Saw You, I Have Been Changed For the Good", the author is Hazel Machete, posted last year on April 8th (2012).  The link to where I found these reviews on Wicked will be posted at the bottom.
In the review she states, "The costumes and sets are beautiful, the characters all have depth and purpose in the musical, and the overall performance almost made me cry."  I completely agree with you Hazel, where ever you are!  The set and the in depth character back story just makes the musical 10 times better.  Hazel also says, " The songs are beautiful and packed full of meaning that cannot be fully perceived by only seeing the show once, so you have to go again, and again, and again..." I agree with what she's saying because for a person who went into the musical not knowing the songs by heart, I had to listen to them quite a few times afterwards to find their true meanings, which really just makes the musical better and tie off loose ends.  There really isn't anything that I can't agree with in what Hazel says because the musical is just that good.  I also noticed after looking at all the reviews that people either love Wicked or hate it.  Please write me a review on a musical or play that you have seen in the comments bellow!

Challenge 4 Part 1

Okay, if you haven't noticed, I'm passionate about theater and I always have been.  When I was little I grew up listening and singing along to the, "Mama Mia" sound track.  From there I began to get into the musical "Annie," and I went to a theater and watched it when I was about seven of eight.  After Annie I finally saw Mama Mia and I loved it!  I was singing the songs just as I had for as long as I can remember.  Now with, "Wicked," I have a very special story that goes along with Wicked.
When I was eight or so, my music teacher had these catalogs where it would have songs and music lyrics inside.  Well the song "Popular" from Wicked just so happened to be in one of those catalogs and we spent a day or two talking about it and the musical and the book, not going into much detail of course.   Ever since then I wanted to see Wicked and I wanted to see it fast.  It took a little longer than expected and last year (2013) I finally went to the theater to see it.  I loved it so much and it is absolutely phenomenal!  Unlike Mama Mia I knew none of the words to the songs by heart so it was all a new experience.  I give Wicked 5 STARS because of how amazing it is.
Wicked is the "true" story on The Wizard of Oz.   We all know about these millions and tons of twists on The Wizard of Oz but this one focuses on the Wicked Witch of the West.  Turns out she isn't so wicked after all.  I won't go on, because I most likely will give away spoilers so there's that.
LINK to part two! - CLICK HERE

A Change in Things....

April 9, 2014
On Monday I got my braces!  I love my teeth and getting things done to them but braces... They're a lot different.  I think getting the braces on weren't really that bad but the aftermath is terrible.  People are telling me it just takes time until you get used to it.  I really can't eat like anything and it's not the most fun experience of my life, I'll tell you that.  I do know it will get better though and hopefully I won't have a lisp in the future because I have a pretty bad one with this retainer.
Just an update guys!  Challenge 4 is coming out soon!  This is Katy, signing out!

Friday, March 21

Challenge 3- Creative Writing

Here's that book I was talking about yesterday!
What I need you guys to do is make an alternate ending 
or maybe just your own ending.
Did you like it or did you hate it?
Comment bellow!

"I sure was lucky," said Noah, my best friend.  “I’m not sure how I escaped that room... To be honest, I’m not even sure how I got into that room,” his voice trailed off.  Five years ago Noah was attacked by some people.  He says he recalls them rummaging through the house, breaking his things and dropping them on the floor.  “I knew exactly what they were looking for,” there was a pause, “the book.”

The door opened and I walked out of the storage room where I was packing some old merchandise away.  I pat my apron and fixed my messy brown hair, looking in the cash register to make sure I really looked okay.  I looked into my green eyes and smiled a tad.  “Good morning and welcome to Ana’s Cupcake Shop, can I get you anything ‘mam?” I asked to my first customer of the morning.  She was an older woman with short white hair and bright pink glasses on the tip of her nose.  
Last year I finally bought my lovely cupcake shop in the beautiful (and loud) New York City! “It’s where dreams come true,” my grandmother had told us before we, my brother and I, left small town Indiana.  My grandmother had given us the approval to leave Indiana after Noah had died. I was only 18 years old when I left and began my life out here in New York.
“Oh, I’m just browsing, thank you,” she answered.
She looked around in silence when I heard the door open yet again.  “Hey, Ana!  Long time no see, eh?” It was Alex, my brother who worked with me.  He was late to work today, but always in a good mood.  I chuckled.  His joyfulness could infect a whole city. “Good morning ‘mam!” Alex tipped his hat, walking into the back of the store to put on his apron.  He popped his head back out and asked the woman, “Would you like you’re cupcake purchase half off on this wonderful morning?”  
“That’d be lovely, thank you,” she answered smiling at Alex and I.  While Alex was always nice, loud, and joyful, I on the other hand was quiet, kind, and I keep to myself a majority of the time.  I used to be like Alex but what happened two summers ago ruined me.  
Noah had been telling me about how the strangers were looking for the book and never found it.  For about a half of a year I would ask him where he hid the book and he never told me.  In fact, I never knew the importance of the book until that summer.  Noah brought me over to his house to play badminton with some friends when he showed me the book.  Noah’s parents were out on a short weekend long vacation.  
“In the ceiling,” he simply said, climbing onto his loft bed.  “That’s where I kept the book, in the ceiling!” He lifted up a tile on the ceiling and pulled the book out.  The book was ripped and tattered, seemingly old.  I climbed onto the loft bed to get a better view.   
“Woah, what does it do?  Why is it so important?” I asked.   Noah was a young man (17) with beach blonde hair and bright blue eyes.  He wasn’t bad looking, to be honest.  
“Watch closely and stay quiet.  Remember, the power of words is indescribable and very strong.” I nodded.  He began to open the book and I could feel my heart beating faster and faster, getting more nervous by the second.  The book’s cover fell to opposite sides and... I screamed in the intensity but nothing happened.
“What?  Wasn’t the book supposed to do something?!” I was very close to freaking out.  
“Woah, woah, woah.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen right away.  Just chill.” Noah turned to a bookmarked page in the book and as I was trying to read what it said I noticed it was in a different language.  It looked like hieroglyphics.  Noah began muttering something that I couldn’t understand.  He looked possessed.  
Noah kept muttering and waved his hands around in a circular motion.  Soon enough, a purple ball of light was in between his hands.  A scream shot out of me and the world went dark.
“May I get these two flower cupcakes,” the old woman pointed in the glass screen in front of me.  I pulled them out with a piece of paper in my hand, quickly wrapped them, and stuck them into a nice shiny box with pink stripes that read “Ana’s Cupcake Shop, Deliciously Cake-y Since 2012”.  They were our new packing boxes and I loved them.  “And possibly a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese spread.”
I turned into the kitchen door, which was right behind me, and told Alex to whip one up. We already had the cupcakes made, I baked them before Alex arrived, and all he needed to do was frost them. When I turned back I smiled at the lady.  “Will that be all for you?”
“No, actually.  I have 6 grandkids that I’m going to be taking care of today and they asked for cupcakes so here I am.” I smiled at her.  One of my favorite parts of this job was hearing people’s stories.  “May I get a baseball and a football cupcake,” she also pointed in the glass.  I quickly wrapped those up and lightly put them into the box as well, careful to not ruin the flower cupcakes underneath the sports ones.  “And three of these, please.” She pointed this time to vanilla cupcakes with M&Ms inside the cake.  The frosting of one was blue, another green, and the other purple. I wrapped those up as well and right on time Alex came back with frosted velvet cake cupcakes.  
“Two flower, two sports, one velvet with frosting, and three M&Ms, 8 cupcakes in all.  Is that correct?” I asked.  
“Yes it is, thank you,” She answered with a smile on her face.  
Alex walked back into the main room. “Don’t forget to give this lovely lady half off on her purchase!” He winked at her.
“Okay, that’ll be $10.65, ‘mam.” I looked up from the cash register.
She nodded and gave me the money.  “Thank you, have a nice day!” I called out enthusiastically before the left.

                *        *        *

“Wanna get some lunch, Ana?  Nobody’s been here today since Joe but he comes everyday.” I giggled.
“I’ll stay here, just in case. Go to the Deli and get me a Reuben,” I said, starting to pull out my wallet.
“No, no.  I’ll pay,” he smiled at me and put my hand down. “Kay, bye!” He skipped out of the store.  Weirdo.  
I went into the kitchen and began to organize the frostings by flavor.  I could hear the buzz of the radio in the background.  It was really quiet, actually.  Just then the door opened.  “Welcome to Ana’s Cupcake Shop, I’ll be out in a minute!” I called from the back.
“Ana, it’s me.  We need to talk,” said a very familiar voice.
Noah? No, it can’t be.  I tell myself.  I walk out and see just that, Noah.  “Uh, Noah?” I said pushing a piece of straight brown hair behind my ear.
“Yes?” he answered. I was astonished, speechless.  “Look I know you’re happy here with your brother in you cupcake shop but I need your help.”
“No, no, no!” I answered, shaking my head.  I walked over to the door to turn the sign from, “Yes we’re open,” to, “Sorry, we’re closed”.  
“Ana I know you were traumatized but I also know you’re still curious!  I know there’s a curious teen in there that wants answer to the book!  And look, I do too.”  He looked up at me with his piercing blue eyes, I could tell he still saw me as a best friend.
I looked up at him, regret already on my face. I sighed, “Yeah, okay.  I’ll help you out.  But on two conditions.”
He sighed as well and put his hands in his pockets. “You haven’t changed a bit.  What are they?”
“You let my brother come and you tell me everything you need help with and everything about the book,” I answered simply.  
He narrowed his eyes. “That’s three conditions...”
I smirked, “The last two are a package deal since I’ll have to close the shop for a while.”
“True, true... Where is your brother?”  He asked, looking around at the shop.  
I saw Alex with our sandwiches as soon as Noah said “brother”. “Right there,” I said, pointing to the door.
“Okay, let’s go, lock the restaurant, Alex, uh... I’m Noah and we’ll explain later go get in my Mercedes,” Noah said already walking out.
I ran to the back and got my keys, running out the main room.  When I got out I locked the door and looked around for the Mercedes.  Just as I was  about to walk down the sidewalk they pulled up to me.
“Get in!” Noah yelled as he rolled down the window frantically.  I got in the back as fast as I could and soon enough, we stopped at Central Park.  
In the car Noah explained that we were going to the park to get the book...  Which made no sense to me but he seemed as if he knew what he was doing.
Once we got to the park Noah got out of the car and  I almost did until he told me to get back in.  He casually went up to a tree and while nobody was looking, said something.  Soon enough I saw the same purple ball of light that I saw the last time I saw him and I felt my head begin to throb.  Alex was freaking but I managed to shut him out.  I sat back, rubbed my aching head, and looked out my other window.  Three men in black suits were standing around the car looking behind us.  “Alex.... Get down!” I whisper- yelled at him and we both got down onto the floor of the car.  We were facing each other and I grabbed Alex’s hand, trying to breath as shallow as possible.
The men turned towards us and somehow didn’t even see us. When they left I got back up and saw that the men were gone and Noah was running towards the car. A flock of suited men were running behind him, a good distance behind him though.  None of the men were around the car anymore so I told Alex to move over to the other side of the back seats and I crawled into the drivers seat, starting the car.  “Alex, open the door!” I yelled at him and he opened the door that Noah was about to jump into. As soon as Noah got in the car I hit the gas.  
“Go! I need you to drive right into that building over there, it’s the only way!” Noah yelled at me. There was a brick wall to our left and I knew Noah would know what he’s doing.  Noah began muttering phrases that again I couldn’t understand.  My head began to throb once again but I kept my eyes open, sure not to pass out.  He ripped through the pages of the book, while muttering and yelled, “NOW!”  I swerved the car into the wall. I braced for impact and squeezed my eyes shut.
Instead of dying, I noticed that we were teleported, as it seemed, to another place.  Another world, it seemed.  The grass was as green as I’ll ever see it, the animals happy and healthy.  No roads, and no people from what I could see.  I turned behind me to shoot Noah and Alex a smile but Alex had passed out.  “Woah,” my voice trailed off in wonder.  
“We need to get out of the car and you need to follow me, we need you.” I was about to ask were to keep my unconscious brother but Noah saw me glance at Alex and said, “Leave him, they’ll take good care of him.”
I looked all around me once I got out of the car.  A waterfall to my right and woods to my left, meadow behind me and woods in front of me.  “Am I dead? Are you dead? Is this Heaven?” I asked, utterly believing what I said.  If this was Heaven, it’s pretty here.  Not as cloudy as I thought though.
“No, this is Terria.”
Noah shot a smirk at me.  “Beautiful, isn’t it?” I nodded, still in wonder. “Now c’mon, Ana,” him using my name startled me.  I hadn’t heard him use my name in a while.  “We need to climb a mountain.”

                *        *        *   

We camped, we swam, we hiked, we walked, we ran, we ate, we slept.  The whole process took about a week until we made it to the mountain.  “Woah, we’re going to climb this?” I asked, I’ve never climbed a mountain before.  
“No, princess.  We’re gonna climb up a beautiful stairway,” he said with a lot of sarcasm, possibly too much.  “Yes, we are going to climb this mountain.  But don’t worry, only about one- third of the way.”       
“Well, where is our checkpoint?” I have been making checkpoints silently to myself throughout this journey.
He stopped walking and looked at me.  “Check point? Uhh... A cave.”
I looked at him.  “A cave?  You mean like a dark rock hole with bats inside?”
“Have you not been with me the whole way?!  It’s not like story books here!  It’s different, don’t you get it?” I nodded, not wanted to say a word.  I felt like Grandmother scolded me, terrible.  
There was quite the moment of silence.  “You came here, didn’t you?” I almost fell of the rock I was standing on, already seeing the mountain.
Noah caught me and sighed.  “Look, kid.  I didn’t come here.  I went somewhere with more power than you can imagine.”
“I have a big imagination,” I tested.  “And, plus, you brought me into this mess, so you have to tell me.” I paused.  “And I’m not a kid,” I said, crossing my arms.
“Okay, look, I went between the lines.”
“Ha, reminds me of a book,” I answered, not thinking before I said.  “Ohhhhh!  You went inside the book, didn’t you?”
“Not exactly.  I traveled just like we did today, on that day last summer.  Except to another world.  The story, Harry Potter, I went between the lines and met them all. Really nice people, they are.  I pretended I was a 5th year Hufflepuff.  Harry, Hermione, Ron, and I didn’t talk much.  However I did talk to Professor Dumbledore and he gave me a clue.”
I tried to process that for a moment. “None of that showed up in the book though because-”
“It was between the lines,” we said together.  
Noah smiled, “Now you’re getting the hang of it!”  After a bit of a pause Noah said, “Dumbledore told me this,
“Societies, depending on one choice.
People, depending on that choice.
One choice and you chose your whole life.
Find this story, and you find the next clue as to where
your answers will be, Noah.
Listen closely to each clue in advance
and you will find your answer.
A man with a number for a name,
he will have your answer.”
Crazy, isn’t it?” he asked.  “So I went to the book Divergent.”
“Ohhh! I don’t know why but I was thinking the book Matched,” I answered.
“In Divergent I acted as a Amity transfer.”
“Where’d you transfer to?” asked full with wonder as Noah was getting us ready to climb the mountain.
“Dauntless.  I had to see Four, he had the answers.  Once I found him, he was training all of the new transfers through Stage 2.  I pulled Four aside and told him what I needed to do.  The answer he gave me, was harder.
“It’s just a game.
Lose?  Ha, you lose your life.
It’s hard for some, but luxurious for many.
A gift to keep everyone happy.
You win?
Fortune, food, and a nice house comes to you.
They may love you, or hate you.  
whichever way, you just gotta win the game.
Go here and talk to the one with the
empty drink.”

Any guesses, Ana?” Noah asked, smirking at me.
“Uhh...  No.  I thought I got it but then the empty drink got me,” I answered, beginning to climb the mountain.
“I went to the Hunger Games.”
“Haymitch!” I yelled.  The empty drink is definitely Haymitch.  
He smiled.  “Quick wit.  And yes, I went to talk to Haymitch.  So once I found him he knew exactly who I was even though I tried to blend in as well as I could.  He pulled me aside with a drink still in his hand.  -Hey, boy... You’re a Liner.- he told me,” Noah’s voice trailed off. “In District 12 it smelled of lost dreams and sadness.  There was no color, it seemed.  Only gray, black, and brown.”  
“It sounds like a fun place,” I said sarcastically.  “Now, how many places did you have to go before you made it here?” I looked around.  “Where are we anyway?”
“I went to 20 books before landing here.  And,” he held on to his rope and looked around, “We’re in The Wizard of Oz.”
“The grass and woods makes sense.  But a mountain and a waterfall? I don’t remember that...” I answered, puzzled.  I wonder if he’s lying to me and we’re actually in some highly dangerous place; Looks are deceiving.
“We’re between the lines, Ana.  You’re between the lines.  You’re a Liner, Ana.”
I paused, taking that in.  “That doesn’t answer my question.  Are you sure we’re in The Wizard of Oz?”
“Yes, the mountain is a part that the author never talked about. This part of the book, is just a dream.  The Old Wizard of Oz, Mr. Oz himself, lives up in a cave about one-third of the way up a mountain.”He looked at me to see my smile.  We were going to see Mr. Oz.
“Where will Mr. Oz lead us?  Will we continue Lining or is this the end?” I asked.  I would go with Noah if there was more lIning to be done it’s just, I’m not sure if there is anymore Lining to be done.
“There is one after this.  One more, and I’ll need you to come with me.  The next one will be the most important of them all.”
“We may need to camp on this mountain for the night, we are almost there though,” Noah said, stopping for a moment and looking up and down the mountain.
“Well why can’t we just keep going and sleep in the Wizard’s cave?” I asked.  Sleeping on a mountain would be risky, very risky.  
“No.  We will not disturb the Wizard at his greatest times.  You never know when someone could think up their greatest thought, create their greatest invention, find out the power of words.”
I shrugged.  “Okay, but you better find me a good spot to sleep because I am not sleeping on the side of a mountain!” I said climbing onto the ledge that Noah was standing on.  
He helped me up and said, “Is this cave good enough?” he pointed behind him and smirked his adorable little sideways smile.
“Woah,” I said, my eyes as large as the moon.  “You make the fire and I’ll rest here.” I said although I noticed that fireflies were dancing all around the cave, making it light up beautifully.   
“Are you sure we’ll need a fire?”

                    *        *        *

Later in the night once we were all settled Noah and I chatted more about all the books he’s been to.  “So you’ve been to 20 books, huh?”  Noah nodded, taking a bite of the fruit we picked earlier.  “What books were they?”
He put the food down and thought for a minute.  “Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Wizard of Oz now, Alice in Wonderland, The Hobbit, Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson, Twilight, The Lord of the Rings, The Book Thief, Matched, Gulliver's Travels, The Outsiders, Lord of the Flies, The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, To Kill a Mockingbird, Animal Farm, and your story, my dear,” he quickly recited.  
“Been practicing that one, haven’t you?” I asked.  He nodded.  “But wait, what exactly did you mean by my story?” I asked again, still puzzled.
“You’re story hasn’t come out yet but you will write it in the future.  The book says so,” he answered, not looking up from his fruit.  
“Uhh, okay.  I’m going to go to bed.  Goodnight.” I crawled up next to a blanket Noah gave me and slowly fell asleep.

                    *        *        *

“Good morning, Ana.  I am the wizard.”